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The AGM Proposals for the 2018/2019 season are as follows:



Changes to Playing Format:

  1. Same Format as Summer League – 6 single legs and three Pairs
  2. Same Format as Summer League – 6 single legs and three Pairs but all games two legs
  3. Reduce to Seven a side
  4. Seven a side and either 2 or 3 pairs legs. Each pair to play two legs. Therefore total number of games would be either 11 or 13.
  5. Games to be played best of three legs
  6. Start time to be moved to 8pm
  7. Either 1 x red bull or 2 x green bulls within three darts to end the game
  8. Home Captain to pick the order of play for all nine legs

Other Proposals

  • Runners-up Trophies to be scrapped and monies saved to be added to prize money
  • Non Profit Trophies to be retired (ie 6 a side, 5 a side). New competitions to be introduced with new trophies in memory of members of the darts league who have recently passed away.
  • Away team practice rule to be enforced – can only practice on the home teams board from 8.15pm.
  • Opposition players to stand behind the throwing player or out of their sight line
  • Personal Hygiene issues to be addressed where appropriate
  • Masters to be played as best of three legs with no wild cards. Least darts also to be recognised.
  • Implementation of a fine system for non show at any round of a competition, and no contact made with opposing team. Proposed fine £10 per team, to be added to league bills.

As you can see there are a significant number of proposals this year, and I cannot stress enough how important that the vote on these proposals at the AGM reflect as many of the players views as possible. The change to playing format is a more serious consideration this year, than anytime during my 30 years in the league, as more and more teams struggle to field 9 players.
Please discuss the proposals with your captains and secretaries so they can vote on your behalf.

Many thanks

Steve Harper